Cats, Fiction

Cat Lady Wisdom

She loved him. She loved how he put his feet up on her, showing off that adorable belly. She would light up with gratitude each time he’d place a paw on her face. The fur child did not speak her language but the look in his eyes and his gestures of happiness, sadness and impatience were readable. Love was a language in itself.

To those who labelled cats as selfish beings, she felt pity for them – they were missing out on so much affection and cute antics. One day, her dog mother friend came to visit. She fell in love with the serious, confident kitty. Watching him play with his feather toy, the friend asked if the feline child allowed hugs and kisses.

“He allows me. You can build a bond with him first.”

The dog mom looked surprised because she was used to having canine kids running over for hugs and attention every waking minute. She grinned, “Cats have too much attitude.”

However, the cat lady friend could not let the comment go unchallenged. She shared her wisdom.

“You know why I love cats? Because they are just like me.”


With her precious little one sleeping on her lap, she explained, “Well, they are cautious. They are independent. They make their own boundaries. I respect that.”

A month later, the friend who’d visited, adopted a black kitten who immediately became the boss of the house. And they lived happily ever after with the kitty taking over the big dog bed and giving the older fur child his small cat bed as compensation.

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