Meet the Author: Devika Fernando

I am delighted to have the prolific, inspiring Devika Fernando with me here today. She is one of those fellow writers who I have been dying to meet in person. Well, hopefully some day soon when I venture out to see beautiful Sri Lanka. For now, here is more about Devika. Sue: You’re quite the…Read more Meet the Author: Devika Fernando


Meet the Author: Reet Singh

Hi everyone! Today starts my Meet the Author series of blog posts where you will get to meet some of the coolest authors I've had the privilege of interacting with. I am starting with the gorgeous, versatile, and FABULOUS Reet Singh. Last October, I had the pleasure of meeting Reet at the Noida Lit Fest.…Read more Meet the Author: Reet Singh

It Started With a Cup of Coffee

Have you read my romantic little story yet? It’s my entry for The Hindu Lit Fest and KDP contest - so please leave a review! Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited worldwide. Only Rs 9 or 14 cents now. Just search for Sudesna Ghosh on Amazon and it’ll pop up😃



At 10, she wanted a prince with a castle. A few years later, she saw the possibility of happiness only if a man looked at her the way that Shah Rukh Khan looked at his heroines. Fast forward to her 20s, and perfection became a list. "He should be this tall and be a doctor…Read more Perfection 


A Woman’s Wants

Roses made her happy. She often filled her bedroom with them. Growing up with movies and books around her, she had believed that roses should be a gift from a lover. Fast forward to her 30s, the same girl had become a woman who didn’t wait to get what she wanted.


The Rebellious Women

Indians have been obsessed with the M-word for ages. That institution called Marriage that could involve dowry, a groom on a horse, a number of lavish parties, and some debt too. I’ve been lucky because my parents spent some years living in the United States and have adapted ‘modern’ thinking that doesn’t make them run…Read more The Rebellious Women


Writing Romance 

Recently, somebody asked me for advice about writing the perfect romance. Being fairly new to this genre, but two romance novellas old, I had one thing to say: Write the love story that you'd want for yourself.  Some people find this piece of advice difficult to digest because they're in a marriage or relationship already…Read more Writing Romance