Mending Broken Hearts

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It was a big question. The little girl was still too young and wise to have the perfect answer. Still, she got all excited with her best grin spreading to her eyes. “I want to be a doctor,” she said. The reply satisfied her parents. That is, before she added, “A doctor who fixes broken hearts.”

The Pink Shawl

Flowing pink waves. The soft fabric caught her eyes. It was a routine window shopping session but her hands were tempted. “Would you like to see it?” The store assistant played with her weak mind. So she touched it. She stroked the pinkness until she felt like it was a part of her. Later that night, when sleep was on its way, her eyes opened wide; her late aunt had had a similar shawl.

Notions of Love

She knew what she wanted. His mind tossed and turned between the possibilities. ¬†They both claimed it was love, but real life made sure that their feelings were not priority. It seemed easier to be apart than to create an explosive mess. She finally admitted that love wasn’t enough. And she blamed the books and movies for her emotional turmoil.

Opening Her Heart

It was tightly shut. The dust of a million emotions had gathered inside, but she let it settle in there. As she walked through each experience after that, she collected no more unwanted residue. Every moment passed by like a new movie of her life, with new actors and actresses. But now she was the director. Maybe now it was time to open the box for some love.

Saturdays at the Library

The bookstore was her toyshop. She spent Saturdays sitting on the floor, hungrily running her hands over the spine. Mother would be busy choosing grown-up books nearby. The child wondered when she could read those too. Time flew by faster than her favourite chocolate did in her hands. Carrying a bag full of stories, she left wishing every day was Saturday.