Death, Depression, Poetry

Sometimes… (A poem)

Sometimes we know, That it isn’t in our hands. Sometimes we wish, That we weren’t so helpless. Sometimes we feel so much, That our hearts can’t stop us. And sometimes we just cry, Because there is nothing else to do. A note: I just saw a picture of a burnt roo in the Australia bushfires.… Continue reading Sometimes… (A poem)

Death, Poetry

Death – a poem

That dream house you're taking ten loans to make, It isn't going with you. Those designer shoes and bags sitting in your closet, Aren't going with you. The loved ones you try to hold onto forever, Can't go with you. Those memories you leave behind here, Will stay for a long long time.

Death, Depression, Psychology

A Few Words on World Suicide Prevention Day

Do you know how it feels to be hopeless? To feel as if you have nothing to look forward to and nobody to understand the constant raging storm in your heart? I do. Do you know how it feels to hate yourself and your life and everything around you day after day, month after month,… Continue reading A Few Words on World Suicide Prevention Day