One night

The sky was black. The silence was beautiful - it gave her the chance to think. She wondered if he was looking at the stars too. After years of sharing so much, they no longer shared anything but the sky. As the stars twinkled and the moon smiled down at her, she wiped away a… Continue reading One night

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The Right Person

She heard the indifference in his voice. Her heart went cold as he pronounced them strangers. She had expected a happily ever after - just like the women in the romance novels she devoured. Tears wet her face as she walked away from him. She was heartbroken. She was a mess. Taking a break on… Continue reading The Right Person

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A New Cover for my First Ever Self Published Book

Some of you may remember that I self published my first fiction book on Amazon Kindle in 2017. It was titled Just me, the Sink & the Pot. It also had a terrible cover. I changed the cover twice after that but something was nagging at the back of my mind. So here is my… Continue reading A New Cover for my First Ever Self Published Book


Second Chance Romance – a Flash Fiction post

Back then, they could read each other’s souls. Today, they stood there as perfect strangers. Older and wiser but craving that familiarity — they knew it would be easy to hit the Restart button. Still, she wondered if he was the same man she’d loved and lost. Time never left anyone untouched. And he knew… Continue reading Second Chance Romance – a Flash Fiction post