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Overthinking Writers

It's no secret that social media encourages most people to compare their lives and success with that of others. It is also a well known fact that we writers have terrible insecurities no matter how well our careers are going at the moment. I've been a victim of these terrible thoughts, of course. Maybe one… Continue reading Overthinking Writers

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Fighting Death

His wrinkled hands were full of love. A quick glance at his eyes were enough to bring tears to her eyes. "Everyone has to die," they told her. She didn't understand why. Each moment brought them closer to goodbye, but she was a fighter. It was only when she saw him lifeless that she knew… Continue reading Fighting Death

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It’s All About Feelings

I'm a highly sensitive introvert. That includes a lot of characteristics including my ability to feel everything intensely. From a stranger's pain to an animal's fear - you name it, I can feel it. This aspect of me has helped me with my writing. Readers have often said that my books make it clear that… Continue reading It’s All About Feelings

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A Few Words on World Suicide Prevention Day

Do you know how it feels to be hopeless? To feel as if you have nothing to look forward to and nobody to understand the constant raging storm in your heart? I do. Do you know how it feels to hate yourself and your life and everything around you day after day, month after month,… Continue reading A Few Words on World Suicide Prevention Day