Bad Baking Day

He put his little hand on the baking tray. "Ouch!" His mother took him to the sink for a splash of cold water. "I told you that they're still hot," she scolded. The innocently greedy boy started to cry. She felt horrible and tried to pacify him with a hug. He continued to cry. She…Read more Bad Baking Day


Different Tastes

He wanted butter. She wanted cheese spread. He liked his coffee full of pearly white sugar cubes. She preferred the blackest of teas. Today, they wanted to try new things. He had what she liked and she had what he had been having since he was a college kid. "Eek!" He missed the sweetness of…Read more Different Tastes

Where is Mommy?

His curious eyes were looking for her. He saw the stockings and the tree. But where was she? "Let's have some fruit cake," ordered his big sister. She pulled him to the dining table. "Where is Mommy?" She answered him with a piece of cake. He chewed and wondered. Excitement struck when the lights turned…Read more Where is Mommy?