Evil Food

Cake was evil. Chocolate was for normal sized kids, not for a huge girl like her. "But it's your mom's birthday cake," her dad reminded her. But the answer was still a big no. She went to school with her boring sandwich and an orange. Of course, she wasn't going to eat more than a…Read more Evil Food


Another Sneak Peak at Just me, the Sink & the Pot

One day a classmate asked me, “Where is your lunch?” I told her that I had already had it and went back to my fake laughter and smiles. The others chatted and laughed while they ate from their tiffin boxes. Some brought samosas or ice cream from outside the gate. My hunger pangs got worse…Read more Another Sneak Peak at Just me, the Sink & the Pot

Different Tastes

She liked pink and green. He preferred greys and browns. Joint shopping trips got on her nerves, but he enjoyed her company. When she wanted to buy him a gift, her eyes hurt looking at the dull colours. He bought her pinks and greens with a smile. Different tastes were alright in his rule book…Read more Different Tastes



Her taste buds didn't welcome chocolate these days. Fruity desserts made them happiest. Greedy bites of lemon tart were another new habit. "But he's made chocolate cake today. You know you want it," said her mother. Suddenly, the thought of his weak hands making her childhood favourite filled her mind. She was craving chocolate again.


Winter Breakfast

The smell of hot chocolate travelled through the kitchen. Her little hands were clad in fuzzy old gloves. The French toast sat untouched on the table. "Daddy, where's my hot chocolate?" He laughed and asked her to be patient. "But I'm hungry," she complained. "Eat your eggs," she was told. The canine child sitting by…Read more Winter Breakfast


No Kitchen

"Can we go to the pizza place today?" His eyes were hopeful. They held hands and walked towards the mall. "Mommy, why is that old man sleeping on the road?" The mother frowned. She felt depressed even explaining it. "Because he lives here, child." The eyes lost their hope. He thought it was a lie.…Read more No Kitchen


Sleeping Child

The feline child was sleepy. He had been napping all morning and all afternoon. His paws were in the air, his belly proud and chubby. When evening beckoned, they tried to wake him up with the sinful odour of fish. He didn't even sniff. They brought milk under his nose. He didn't bat an eyelid.…Read more Sleeping Child