Leena Gets a Pet

"Everybody has one!" Leena was crying to her parents while they ate dinner. Her father chewed his food. Mummy tried to say no for the hundredth time. Leena’s little brother, Dev, played with his peas. "Leena, having a pet is like having another member of the family," she said. "Your father and I both work…Read more Leena Gets a Pet


Winter Breakfast

The smell of hot chocolate travelled through the kitchen. Her little hands were clad in fuzzy old gloves. The French toast sat untouched on the table. "Daddy, where's my hot chocolate?" He laughed and asked her to be patient. "But I'm hungry," she complained. "Eat your eggs," she was told. The canine child sitting by…Read more Winter Breakfast

Advice for Writers

I've been spending some hours every week reading blogs and websites of other writers. Some of them are more experienced than myself. Others are less acquainted with the field of freelance writing. Still, I've picked up lots of inspiration and useful tips from writers of both categories. Since I started reading these at the end…Read more Advice for Writers