Loving conflict

She hated him. But she loved him too. She wanted them to be happy. But hated seeing him happy with anybody else. He would try to make her see that she was everything to him. But she would only believe it if he would sacrifice everything and everybody else in his life. They fought day and night – rather, she fought day and night. He stopped trying to show her love. He stopped trying to show he cared. His love slipped away. Her anger became fury as his love became indifference. One day she woke up and he was gone. She looked at the mirror and smiled through her tears. Who would she fight with?

Walking away (Part II)

She sat in Barista with her laptop, typing away with concentration framing her forehead and lips. Two coffee stained cups sat on the table. One thousand words later, she closed the laptop and paid the bill. She walked outside into the humid evening, planning to walk straight home. Then she saw him strolling by – and he wasn’t alone. He was laughing lightly and holding her hand. The girl was pretty. In that split second, she forgot how good she had felt a minute before, with all those words poured out onto the Word document. She walked away.

Walking away (Part I)

She looked at him for a second. Then she walked a few feet and looked back again. Was he looking back at her, she wondered? She walked with a slight sway like she had seen models do on Fashion TV. Her hair was down and shining from the morning’s hair care routine. He would be crazy not to look back at her. Enough of wondering, she decided. She stopped as if to adjust her new shoes and looked in his direction. He was gone.