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Rimi, Monkey, & Goat – A tiny story for kids

In the city of Kolkata, lived a little girl called Rimi. Rimi was always happy, because she had her friend Goat. Goat knew Rimi from the day he was born outside on the sidewalk. He waited for her every morning and evening. “Biscuits for my Goat,” Rimi would say. She carried a packet of milk… Continue reading Rimi, Monkey, & Goat – A tiny story for kids

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Ornie & his Brothers – A short story for kids

There was a small town called Lake Gardens near the big city of Kolkata. In the small town was a small house called Orange. Inside the little house lived a small boy and his even smaller brothers. The small boy’s name was Ornie. His brothers were called O’Henry and Pumpkin. And there were the cousins.… Continue reading Ornie & his Brothers – A short story for kids

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The First Gates

Many of Grimm’s fairytales begin with three sisters or three brothers who have a critical task to perform.  Invariably, the youngest succeeds.    In her introduction to a story called “The Golden Bird,” Maria Tatar, editor of the recently published bicentennial collection says: “If the female protagonists of fairy tales are often as good as they are beautiful, their male counterparts often appear to be as young and naive as they are stupid.”

“The Golden Bird” illustrates the point.  The youngest son is so hopeless that even his animal guide, a fox, grows frustrated, yet in the end, the boy wins “complete happiness.”

Not all youngest sons are so dense, and sometimes the stories have great depth, like “The Water of Life,” which I discussed here last March ( and

According to Marie-Louise von Franz, Carl Jung’s closest colleague and author of five books on fairytales, the…

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Not Worth It

Chocolate didn't help - even her favorite extra dark kind. In fact, every mouthful tasted disgustingly bitter. As the almonds died inside her mouth, bravely facing her angry teeth, the little voice inside of her spoke out. "Is anybody worth it?" Another voice from somewhere replied, "Nope." She continued to chew. The almonds started feeling… Continue reading Not Worth It