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Ways I Procrastinate

I dare you to challenge me for the title of Queen of Procrastination. Well, I know that some other writers can come close to winning because writers do often procrastinate. ¬†Here are some of the ways I enjoy procrastinating - 1) Watching my cat groom himself 2) Making a to do list 3) Checking Facebook… Continue reading Ways I Procrastinate

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Another Romance in the Making

I have been writing every day again. So if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that the #amwriting hashtag is being used honestly... for now. Yes, that hashtag is tempting to use even when we writers choose to procrastinate. Book 7 is in progress and it's going to be a romance unlike the last… Continue reading Another Romance in the Making

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Dreams, Reality & Writing

Writing non fiction and writing fiction are two very different activities. When I was writing my non fiction book, there was lots of research to do. Facts need to be correct and verified. Information needs to be put together without seeming like a boring lecture. That's a challenge in itself. But when I started writing… Continue reading Dreams, Reality & Writing