Being Followed

It had been a long day and she wasn't in the mood for creepy people. She could feel the person following her. It wasn't any of her usual canine or feline friends because they preferred to leap overĀ  to her in seconds. So she quickened her pace until the sound of the annoying slippers made…Read more Being Followed


Love in the bookstore

Her friends found love at parties. She wasn't a fan of parties. When people asked her how she expected to find love, she said that it would find her. It was a bad hair day and she'd pulled on the first clothes she could remove from under her sleeping cat. Her trip to the bookstore…Read more Love in the bookstore

Their End

Leaving wasn't an option; they had used the word 'forever' in their promises. Being happy wasn't possible - they had had enough. Sadness was the new norm. Anger was a habit similar to brushing one's teeth. Of course they shared meals and talked work and kids. But it was just a fairy tale that had…Read more Their End


Cloudy Days

Sunshine made her bright. Rain drenched her happiness. But the cloudy days were special. The in-between weather brought out the best in her. Her window seat gave her a perfect view of the seemingly sleepy sky. Her eyes saw more than the grey; they saw promise and depth. They also admired the struggle of the…Read more Cloudy Days