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Three short stories in one Kindle book. Sweet romantic shorts.
Aparna and Sid were high school sweethearts. Something tore them apart seventeen years ago. Neither of them expected to get a second chance at true love. And in the city where it all began.

 Join Dipa as she attempts her first ever fling – in another country!


Can an Indian wedding be small, simple and drama free? Find out.

Join momma’s boy Debojit and his parents on the search for the perfect bride.

Aditi is in New York after a decade. The love of her life is there too.

A short and sweet Valentine’s Day romance.

It isn’t easy being the fat girl at school. Meet Pamela.

Find out what happens when a crazy cat lady meets the purrfect man.

Three short stories about two adorable sisters who love and hate each other too.

Eleven heartwarming short stories originally published in The Telegraph’s TeleKids supplement.

Meet Ernie Fish – the cat expert- and his cool cats.

A short story to bring in Valentine’s Day 2019

What happens when your fake boyfriend is too good to be true?

Observe some family drama and the relationship between a controlling mother and her son.

A feel-good romance novella about a woman who is touching 40 and a man who is considerably older than her.

A short, heartwarming holiday romance for cat lovers.

An updated version of What Would I Tell Her @13. A nonfiction parenting handbook focused on teen girls.


A serious, emotional short story set in the lockdown in India.

A cute, sexy and sweet romance novella about a woman who is trying to figure out her life when a furry creature intervenes.


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