In Her Memory

Overpowering scents ruined the mood in her head. "Why must the priest fill the room with those sticks," she complained in silence. As if the incense wasn't bad enough, oversized flowers of the same type, added sickeningly strong odor to her nose. The people sat in white. She abhorred their chattiness. "Let's get out of…Read more In Her Memory


I Must See You Again

I stood there calling to you, Not believing you were gone. I cried and fed the others, Without you standing there. I still see you greeting me, But then I see you lying like that. Now I only wish to meet you, And all my other children. Wait for me with love, Be there for…Read more I Must See You Again

Her Black Hole

Her fingers brushed aside the tendrils of hair. They had seen their last bath a month ago. Her eyes looked ill from the inside and the outside. These eyes craved for happiness and sunlight. Her grayish lips looked like a cracked field of gravel. They had forgotten the taste of moisture. The toes traced a…Read more Her Black Hole


Women’s Work

The rice inside the roll required at least ten more minutes of cooking. Each bite of tomato tasted spoilt. Her thoughtful brownies resembled dirty mounds of mud. He pushed his plate away as she chewed the unappreciated meal. "How can a woman serve a meal like this?" He asked her before gulping down a bottle…Read more Women’s Work


Chiki Learns a Lesson

Chiki Kangaroo was a good girl. She did her homework without any help. She ate her vegetables with no fuss. Her friends’ mothers all said, “Look at Chiki. She is so disciplined.” Chiki would smile and enjoy watching her classmates turn red with jealousy. Mother Kangaroo was proud of Chiki, but she did not like…Read more Chiki Learns a Lesson


A Romantic Little Story

A Romantic Little Story This was in The Statesman yesterday.


A Writer’s Fury

The storm of words hit after days of a depressing lull. Too much sleep became no sleep at all. A few hundred hit the blankness, but seemed like unimportant drops of rain. She tried to stop but could not. It hurt to think everything could stop soon. Every detail whirled around her head until it…Read more A Writer’s Fury