Her Wants

“But you can buy anything you want,” he argued. He was staring at the diamond ring that shined aggressively at them. Then he pointed at the closet that was full of her clothes and shoes. “Any woman would envy you,” he concluded with a stupid grin. She touched his shoulders and asked him to sit down. Maybe he’d understand if she explained. Her tears weren’t about material goods that would outlive them. And then his mobile rang. “I don’t envy me,” she muttered under her breath. He was gone.

Unrequited LoveĀ 

“Do you love me?” Her question was simple but her voice was drowning with doubt. He refused to make eye contact. Nervous fingers pretended to fix the thick locks that she adored. He couldn’t say no. She didn’t deserve that. So he said the next worst thing: Can we be friends? When he finally raised his eyes, she was far away. A quick stranger.

The Moon and Clouds

It was a yellow moon. Parts of it were covered in darkness though, making her wonder. Her evening walks rarely involved looking at the sky, but today was different. Her mind was in turmoil as she tried to figure out things. She turned to her stray companions and asked, “Do you think that the moon has those days when it doesn’t want to show its face to the world?” A meow was the reply. Then she asked herself, “How does the moon get rid of all those clouds trying to keep it in gloom?” She continued her walk with her feline companions, concluding that some clouds were just meant to stay till they moved on on their own.

Our Hidden Souls

The world thought that she had everything. Endless attention, money, and fame. But did they know if she had the love that we all crave? Every time somebody openly envied her seemingly perfect life, she didn’t bother to reply. One day somebody asked her why she never smiled off the camera. She laughed wickedly. “It’s a pity that our souls aren’t transparent.” The people in the room suddenly wished the same.

Writer’s Life

She sipped her coffee while her mind threatened to burst from the burden of too many thoughts. She stopped each thought with a question for herself. Was this the way the plot should proceed? Or should she just write something else for a change? The taste of coffee healed her mind immediately. She smiled. Her fingers got busy on the keyboard. The thoughts filled her pages now.