Loving Them

She smiled when she felt like it. She frowned most of the time. When she spoke to people because she had to, her voice did not betray her pain. If her feet had to take her somewhere, she would let them because she had no other option. Only when she saw them alive and well did her eyes light up and her heart feel mended for a bit.

Too Fat to Eat

The pretty woman hated herself. She struggled to keep her eyes away from the folds and bulges that threatened to kill her dreams and hopes. Every time she pulled on her too large clothes, she wished to be somebody else. Whenever she put a morsel of food in her mouth, she felt the guilt make her uglier. Shock waves hit her the day she saw her chubby friend eat cheesecake without a frown.

Valentine’s Day

“What’s the big deal?” He always wondered about the fuss made about Valentine’s Day. Last year he had found himself being given the cold shoulder by his lovely soulmate. “Let’s order in Italian tonight,” he had said. That night, he ate dinner alone. This year was different. He was prepared. “I have a surprise for you,” he said, handing over the envelope. His grin went dead when she threw the gift onto the ground. “We’ve adopted a RHINO! You call THAT a Valentine’s Day gift?” He realised that they weren’t soulmates after all.

Life of a Stray Dog

The skies were spacious that afternoon. Even the sun struggled to spread its rays. The small canine child was trying to enjoy his short-lived happiness while he cuddled with his one spared sibling. Unaware of their mother’s murder further up the road, the little beings softly snored, delicate paws and just slightly moist noses, moving in rhythm with their dreams. When evening came, they realised that their mother wasn’t coming back. Just as their brothers and sisters had not returned. “The earth’s too small to accomodate non humans,” thought a sympathetic passerby.

More Kitties the Merrier

Four small feet shuffled about while the grandma hoped they would sight what they were looking for. “Kitty! Kitty!” The little ones called out to every corner and every bush. The grandparent tried to make them remember that they had a cat in their own home. “Your kitty is waiting for you at home,” she said with a smile. But the children were on a mission. They had to find at least one kitty that afternoon. Relief hit the elderly one when the search party found a tiny orange cat staring at them from behind a motorcycle wheel. The children were ecstatic and the kitty was grateful for the hugs and paw shakes.