Through Time

When the year began, You were breathing next to me. When the month began, You were holding my hand in yours . When the week began, You were talking about the future. When the day began, You were waiting for your last breath. And when the moment arrived, You were making us cry together.


Where to?

"Do you know where we're going?" He said no. His hand held hers with no commitment. They sat there and watched the others go by. Even the birds had a sense of direction, she thought. He pointed to the fountain nearby. "Let's just go with the flow," he announced.

On Love

Love cannot be hidden, Even in the darkest of times. Love cannot be created, Even by the strongest of hearts. Love cannot be forgotten, Even with the weakest of minds.    


Expiry Dates

It wasn't easy being the oldest. She often wondered about her expiry date. Watching two much younger siblings transitioning to ashes had torn her heart. "Enjoy your life," said her friends. She tried to follow their simple advice, living with her memories. From the little utensils that they'd play with, to the painful last days.…Read more Expiry Dates


Too Much Empathy

She felt more than she said. Her heart was at her fingertips and in her eyes. Some nights, she'd ask herself if she'd rather feel less intensely. As the tears wet her pillow and brought on a deluge of painful thoughts with it, she accepted the truth. Of course she preferred to feel a lot…Read more Too Much Empathy


Cat Slave

She never asked for anything; it was against her personality. When somebody compelled her to accept a gift, she promptly delivered a return gift of gratitude. It was only the little ball of fur and naughtiness whom she asked for anything at all. "Let me hug you, kitty," she'd plead. But cats played hard to…Read more Cat Slave