The Child called Gullu

When he grinned at her, she never saw the missing teeth from his accident. When he sat bright-eyed on her feet, she saw nothing but the love in his eyes. Even when he tried to pick out invisible fleas from his feline siblings, they seemed to be stuck in the same adoration. “Alright, let me work now,” said his human sister, settling herself onto the bed. He jumped and planted himself in front of the laptop too. “You love me, so I will work with you,” he seemed to say, before turning over for a belly rub.

Running Errands with Father

“Can we go visit her today?” Her father said no. “Why? I miss her.” Her voice shook. They continued to walk in silence, wanting to scream at each other but unable to. When they stopped to pick up the dry cleaning, she blurted out: You divorced her. I didn’t! The dry cleaning guy pretended to be deaf. They left without their items and too many angry words to say.

Cool Cat

He was at the door and ready to leave. It didn’t matter that he had not been home all day and all of the previous night. Plus, the humming sound of the air conditioner annoyed him. When the human he assumed to be his mommy, patted the divan and asked him to please take a nap at home, he decided to investigate. A few looks of disapproval were followed by some sniffs of the air. “I guess I should enjoy the cool breeze,” he thought, and curled himself into a loose ball. And then there was snoring.

Easter Fun

The 1.75 year old child munched on mini cupcakes while the adults sipped their tea. It was Easter weekend, so there were marzipan bunnies too. When the bill arrived at their table, the little one was not ready to go home. She had sighted the table top full of beautifully crafted easter eggs. A moment later, she was up on the table, pounding her fists and demanding that they serve her the ‘balls’. As she ran around the cafe shouting for the delicacy, her aunt found herself wondering if the manager would let her in again.