What Helps Writers

Every writer is unique. We have different writing styles, different writing rituals, and we live in our own unique worlds - both inside and outside our overactive brains. Still, I find that a few things help most of us writers to create more and to improve our craft. Here goes: 1) Being book-obsessed - Being…Read more What Helps Writers


3 Reasons Every Writer Needs a Cat

I grew up with dogs; dogs in the neighborhood, pet dogs on my mom's side of the family, and my own beloved late adopted stray who was called Goti. After Goti passed away in 2012, my other family members were not ready to go through the love and loss process with a canine family member…Read more 3 Reasons Every Writer Needs a Cat

Adopt – Don’t Shop

She watched the rain from the window. Her cheeks were wet with tears just as the ground outside was darkened by the downpour. Maybe it was a respite for some, but this little girl worried about the homeless people and animals outside. "I wish I could stop the rain," she told him. He was not…Read more Adopt – Don’t Shop


A Poem on Animal Cruelty

Light turned into darkness, Created by the superior being. Heart broken into bits, Done by the superior man. Love transformed into tears, Thanks to the great human.


Being Followed

It had been a long day and she wasn't in the mood for creepy people. She could feel the person following her. It wasn't any of her usual canine or feline friends because they preferred to leap overĀ  to her in seconds. So she quickened her pace until the sound of the annoying slippers made…Read more Being Followed


Missing the Ones Lost

Memories of you, Leave me in tears. Glimpses of sorrow, Into our past together. It had seemed too good, Because beauty rarely survives. My gratitude for each moment, And hope to meet elsewhere.


Feeding Time

Two pairs of eyes lit up with love. They knew she'd come visit with food and cuddles until the moment they'd be taken away from the world. She laughed and talked to them as one waited patiently and the other stood up to greet her. The tails wagged with gratitude as they chewed their meal.…Read more Feeding Time