Dreaming Away

It wasn’t like every day. She wasn’t use to being surrounded by a room full of people. In fact, she abhorred the thought of it. But she saw herself dressed up and confident, walking her way up to the podium. Her anxiety had disappeared. She heard herself speaking into a mic. Then she heard applause. And then the dream ended, so she ran back to her solitude.

A Writer’s Life

Numbers made her anxious. She’d never been great at math. Shapes reminded her of geometry or trigonometry or whatever that class had been called. Decades down the lifeline, she still had the same childish reactions. So that day when her editor asked her to write an article for the magazine, she grinned too widely. Then she did her happy dance in the ladies’ room. Words were her thing.

Saturdays at the Library

The bookstore was her toyshop. She spent Saturdays sitting on the floor, hungrily running her hands over the spine. Mother would be busy choosing grown-up books nearby. The child wondered when she could read those too. Time flew by faster than her favourite chocolate did in her hands. Carrying a bag full of stories, she left wishing every day was Saturday.

Writer’s Life

She sipped her coffee while her mind threatened to burst from the burden of too many thoughts. She stopped each thought with a question for herself. Was this the way the plot should proceed? Or should she just write something else for a change? The taste of coffee healed her mind immediately. She smiled. Her fingers got busy on the keyboard. The thoughts filled her pages now.

Cloudy Days

Sunshine made her bright. Rain drenched her happiness. But the cloudy days were special. The in-between weather brought out the best in her. Her window seat gave her a perfect view of the seemingly sleepy sky. Her eyes saw more than the grey; they saw promise and depth. They also admired the struggle of the rays that were attempting to add some orange here and there. Somebody had been quite creative up there.

Kitty Wins

She came home and found him waiting. A few bites of fish later, they settled onto the bed. As she reached out to place the laptop on her lap, he managed to fit himself in her arms. “Do you forget that I have to work?” She pretended to be exasperated but her laugh gave it away. She placed the laptop on her knee, ready to get down to business. The cuddly boy did not like all the movement. He got up, nudged the annoying device off her knee, and fell asleep across her lap.