Daily Word Count

"How many words did you write today?"  That's a common question that we writers often ask each other. A novella is a minimum of 20,000 words while a full length novel can be anything above 50,000 - so that's a lot of words to write, make pretty and get ready for publication. Famous writers have…Read more Daily Word Count


Meet the Author: Reet Singh

Hi everyone! Today starts my Meet the Author series of blog posts where you will get to meet some of the coolest authors I've had the privilege of interacting with. I am starting with the gorgeous, versatile, and FABULOUS Reet Singh. Last October, I had the pleasure of meeting Reet at the Noida Lit Fest.…Read more Meet the Author: Reet Singh

Why Books are Awesome 

My beautiful relationship with books began before I could read. I was blessed with a bookworm mother who loved taking me to the public libraries wherever we lived in the United States. Plus, she read books to me every day. Those activities and a house full of books made sure that I'd grow up to…Read more Why Books are Awesome 


Ready to Write – a poem 

Empty pages on the desk, A heart full of hurt. Hungry emotions in the soul, A hand ready to write.


Writing is not for the Weak

My favourite aunt would call me Miss Ekhunni. In Bengali, that means Miss Now. She meant that I wanted everything RIGHT NOW. Whether it was a pair of shoes or a  book, I’d seldom wait. But then I became a writer. Patience became a part of my life. I had no choice. My first two…Read more Writing is not for the Weak


Storytelling – A poem 

So many stories to tell, Of the years gone by. So many characters to build, Of the people who passed by. So many emotions to share, Of the love that went by.


Writing Romance 

Recently, somebody asked me for advice about writing the perfect romance. Being fairly new to this genre, but two romance novellas old, I had one thing to say: Write the love story that you'd want for yourself.  Some people find this piece of advice difficult to digest because they're in a marriage or relationship already…Read more Writing Romance