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The Authors I Avoid

The writing community online is mostly supportive. Sometimes, you meet a few fellow writers offline too for some great conversation and insights on the business. But there are a few kinds of authors who I have learned to stay away from. The one who belittles writers who have opted for the self publishing route. Some… Continue reading The Authors I Avoid

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Love like a Volcano

Their love was like a volcano threatening to erupt. It was a combination of intense passion and infatuation that kept their days and nights exciting. Friends worried that it was too hot and dangerous to last. They knew it would end with a scary bang. So no one was surprised when it ended with murder.

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A Short Excerpt from “Mother & Son”

A few months after moving to Delhi, Joy was flooded with photographs procured by his mother. There were pictures of all kinds of women. Doctors, lawyers, masters degree holders, arts graduates, teachers, and even a tribal woman who couldn’t speak a word of Bengali or English. My cousin was asked to rate the photographs and… Continue reading A Short Excerpt from “Mother & Son”