Aditi’s Great Escape

"Tomorrow is Holi!”" Aditi'’s friends Priyanka and Neil shouted excitedly after school finished for the day. Aditi frowned. Neil knew that his friend disliked Holi as much as he hated eating spinach. Last year, they had covered Aditi in green and red, while she had screamed. The next three days, she didn'’t talk to them.…Read more Aditi’s Great Escape


Starring Rini Ray – Part III

Rini went to her room and heard thunder outside. It reminded her of the song These are  a  few  of my favourite things, that was sung during a rainy night in the Sound of Music. She ran into her brothers’' room and started singing before they could say anything. When her song ended, she found…Read more Starring Rini Ray – Part III

Starring Rini Ray – Part II

“Where did you get these,” they asked. Rini’s brothers were surprised. The new clothes looked familiar to them. “Please wear them and let’s go,” Rini said, wearing her own curtain “dress”. She asked her brothers to wear jackets. “But it isn’t cold outside,” they protested. Rini didn’t want Mother to see. “Please wear your jackets.…Read more Starring Rini Ray – Part II


Starring Rini Ray – Part I

“Sound of Music? Did Ms Banerjee just say Sound of Music,” Rini asked her friend, Vivek. Their class teacher had just announced the annual play’s title, and Rini couldn’t believe that it was her favourite movie. Vivek nodded his head up and down three times to reassure her. “Rini, your ears are fine,” he said…Read more Starring Rini Ray – Part I


The Same Destination

They walked towards the subway, two strangers with one destination. The shorter woman looked anxiously at her watch. Somebody was going to hate her for being late. The taller one looked this way and that way, hoping with all her heart. They reached the station at the same time. One woman nervously typed a text…Read more The Same Destination