On Love & Attraction 

Flowers were nice but loving words stayed longer. Chocolate was delicious but the effects were hard to work off. She longed for kindness and affection that nobody could put a price tag on. Her dreams weren’t about his gifts. Sometimes she wondered if they defined love too differently. Looking like George Clooney was a quality she couldn’t ignore though.

Good Actors

They didn’t like each other most of the time. In fact, she’d describe their relationship as Crazily Intense Love. Outsiders wished they’d stay away from each other and counted the hours between each nasty, loud conversation. They wondered how love could turn into this, as they questioned the principles of the current generation. Inside their apartment, the couple wondered if their script and acting were good enough for the upcoming drama festival. 

A Writer’s Life

Numbers made her anxious. She’d never been great at math. Shapes reminded her of geometry or trigonometry or whatever that class had been called. Decades down the lifeline, she still had the same childish reactions. So that day when her editor asked her to write an article for the magazine, she grinned too widely. Then she did her happy dance in the ladies’ room. Words were her thing.

Our Hidden Souls

The world thought that she had everything. Endless attention, money, and fame. But did they know if she had the love that we all crave? Every time somebody openly envied her seemingly perfect life, she didn’t bother to reply. One day somebody asked her why she never smiled off the camera. She laughed wickedly. “It’s a pity that our souls aren’t transparent.” The people in the room suddenly wished the same.