Love and Lust

He needed her and she wanted him. He felt complete with her, but she experienced an intense hunger. They spoke on the phone as the world slept. Her eyes stayed glued to the television set, while his mind filled with loving thoughts of her laughter. When he held her hand with contentment, all she wanted…Read more Love and Lust


Afternoon in the Bazaar

The fat eggplants rested by him. Most of the tomatoes and spinach had found homes that morning. It was too early to leave the bazaar but not too early to have his puffed rice. His hard worked, wrinkled hands, diced an onion to add some flavor to the humble snack. While he chewed and thought…Read more Afternoon in the Bazaar

Thinking of You

I knew you'd leave soon, I knew the suffering would go. I tried to ignore your face, I dismissed the impending end. I fooled myself each gifted day, I laughed at the cancer. Then you left so suddenly, I was thrown. Now when I think of you, I see only the dark moments. I knew…Read more Thinking of You


Bye Bye Hat

The leaves drifted away with the cruel wind. Every tree felt the impending nakedness. Across the rippling lake sat several flocks of birds. They struggled to hold their fur down, looking somewhat shy. The little boys and girls giggled with delight as their clothes threatened to fly away. One little child fought the busy air…Read more Bye Bye Hat