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5 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is not pure laziness as some authors may say. It is a mental and physical block that makes writing impossible for a while. Whenever I’ve suffered from this condition, it’s been painful with the guilt of not writing threatening to drown me. Weeks and weeks of precious time wasted. A crippling anxiety accompanied… Continue reading 5 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

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No Reason for Depression

They told her that she had no reason to be depressed. “You have so much money and no terrible job to go to every day,” they explained. But she couldn’t help it. Even one Gucci bag a month couldn’t cure her despair. Some days, she’d wake up with a low feeling that threatened to keep… Continue reading No Reason for Depression

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NEW RELEASE: A Princess in Love with a Bollywood Superstar

Saketh Rao aka SR, India's latest Bollywood heartthrob, has bagged the role of a lifetime: to play Hari Varman, the doomed royal scion. When he arrives at Sravanapura Palace with his director friend Rajeev Ratnam, little does he know that his life is about to change forever! Princess Kritika is overjoyed that Saketh Rao will… Continue reading NEW RELEASE: A Princess in Love with a Bollywood Superstar

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Good Mental Health is Wealth

Do you love yourself? Have you been nice to yourself lately? Stop being so hard on yourself. Are you taking time out for self care? No, I’m not talking about visiting an expensive spa every week; I’m asking you if you’re taking that leisurely walk without your phone stuck to you. I’m suggesting that you… Continue reading Good Mental Health is Wealth