A Christmas Cat

She blinked twice. It didn't seem real. "Come pet her," her father said. The child moved ahead slowly. The look of wonder was intact. She touched the furry head. She tapped a tiny pink paw. They sat side by side on the floor. Father put the kitten on her lap. She curled up immediately and…Read more A Christmas Cat


Different Tastes

She liked pink and green. He preferred greys and browns. Joint shopping trips got on her nerves, but he enjoyed her company. When she wanted to buy him a gift, her eyes hurt looking at the dull colours. He bought her pinks and greens with a smile. Different tastes were alright in his rule book…Read more Different Tastes

Life & Lemons

It had been too many months of too many lemons. She was sick of making lemonade. Plus, acidity was no fun. She decided to do something useful with the next lemon to hit her. When it arrived, she squeezed the life out of it - straight into her hair pack.


A New Friend

"May I pat your head?" He nodded so she sat down next to him on the sofa. During the long pat, he yawned twice. She looked at him like he was an exotic toy. "May I hold your hand?" She asked and waited. He stuck out a paw. She admired its softness and pinkness. "Do…Read more A New Friend


Amusing Art

Hello there. Most of this year has been hellish for me. I decided to make myself smile every day with the help of my art. I am an artist of words but I'm having fun drawing stuff that seems to make other people laugh or smile too. Please check out my Facebook page @amusingartbysue for…Read more Amusing Art