Getting to Know Her

They seldom conversed. They often smiled at each other. Every evening, he would wait at the bus stop, standing roughly five feet away from her. Today was different because it was sunny and warm. She wore a pretty dress instead of her usual dirty blue jeans, and his clothes were new. Today, they stood just two feet apart. As the bus pulled up, a self centered teenager dumped his Coke on the dress. He jumped ahead to help the frowning girl. At least they knew each other’s names by the end of the bus ride.

Wrong Man

Did he see the sky as she did? Did his eyes light up the same way as hers when a little bird flew by? She needed to know how his fingers caressed delicate canine ears and the leaves on trees. She watched him while they enjoyed the sensual ocean breeze. His hands rested in the sand until they picked up an overweight stone. She saw the crab’s pain. Her every question was answered.