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Her New Shoes

They looked too old. The color was almost gone. Her small, eager hands inspected the shoes from heel to toe. "Be happy," said the mother. "I could never buy you any shoes at all. These are so pretty," she said, and left for the next house. The child's eyes remained unblinking with gratitude, as she… Continue reading Her New Shoes

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How to be in the Freshly Pressed category

The Daily Post

Every day, 19 WordPressers are featured on the Freshly Pressed section of And every day, many more wonder, “What do I have to do to get Freshly Pressed?”

Well, it’s time to reveal what the folks who push the launch button are thinking. Each week, a member of our editorial team will do a close-up on one post and why we thought it was Press-worthy. We hope we can provide insight into the process and give you tips and tools to make your blog the best it can be.

Bloggers on publish various types of photography posts: from black-and-white to color, from digital to film, from Instagram to Lomo to Polaroid, from a single photo to a series of images. We love the variety and don’t prefer one approach over another.

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