Her New Shoes

They looked too old. The color was almost gone. Her small, eager hands inspected the shoes from heel to toe. “Be happy,” said the mother. “I could never buy you any shoes at all. These are so pretty,” she said, and left for the next house. The child’s eyes remained unblinking with gratitude, as she put the once purple shoes on her cracked, dirty feet. People passing by missed the sight of happiness, while the little girl twirled around in her ‘new’ shoes.

Of causes and marriage

Recently, three women in Kolkata ended their lives by jumping off a highrise residential building. I never knew any of them, until they died. One of these women, loved homeless dogs and fed them too. She often faced the wrath of people for her goodhearted deed – something that I can identify with. Another victim, was known to fight without fear for tree, plants, and any other voiceless beings around her. She too, faced the people who labelled her crazy for being so passionate about the cause. She too, was ‘criticised’ post-death for her compassion and her single status. Yes, Indians, and maybe people of other cultures too, consider unmarried women of ‘marriageable age’ or past it, unhappy and mentally disbalanced. Today, I heard two women discussing this suicide case and calling these women unsocial, and abnormal. I realised something that I probably unconsciously knew already – the average Kolkatan (maybe even the average human being) considers me odd, abnormal, and even a lunatic. Whenever I die, and in whatever way, people who have seen me crying, fighting, feeding dogs, talking to them, hugging them etc., will say similar things about me. The trouble is, those of us who have strayed from the traditional path of school, college, job, marriage, children, are not very many. And there are also a minority of us who have dedicated most of our time to our causes. Only those of us who are as involved with causes, can feel empathy for each other. For example, how many people would understand the intensity of anxiety that we dog lovers feel each time we go to feed them? We know that there’s always a high probability of being told that the dog we are visiting, has been killed by a vehicle or poison. How many people can feel the feeling that we feel when the majority makes sure that we cannot win our cause? The answer: not too many. It’s high time that people get some education in the subjects of respect and sensitivity. Seriously…

How to be in the Freshly Pressed category

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