Writer’s Room

Coffee mugs decorated her desk. Two of them were half-full. The other three were empty, without a single stain on them. A spent pen lay on her pad, completely exhausted from the effort of creating new plots and characters. Her ink-stained fingers were doing their happy dance on the keyboard, setting the rhythm for a…Read more Writer’s Room


Wise Kid

“Your father and I still love you,” his mother spoke like a robot. His father looked at him with uncried tears that threatened to come out. “Why, mom,” he asked. She gave some scripted reply about people growing apart with time. But he wasn’t stupid. He was 12 years old. He had seen it all.…Read more Wise Kid

Through the Book

The book rested on her lap while she closed her wet eyes. She let the memories flood her for five minutes, knowing that there was no way to fight them. Her hands gripped the book tightly, knowing the bond was too strong to ignore. She lifted the soft cover one more time, turning to her…Read more Through the Book


Different Lumps

He stirred and stirred until his wrist felt exhausted. His palm looked purple from the tight grip. The batter was ready for the oven. But he saw a lump. He hated lumps. Lumps reminded him of his mother. They created a volcano of rage inside of him. He stirred and stirred some more. The lump…Read more Different Lumps