Body Image Series 1

The mirror was her enemy. She looked at it rarely. Tonight, she promised to look at her face because people said she was pretty. But she would try not to look below the neck. So she did just that until her sister remarked, “Isn’t that dress too short for you?” She looked down and cringed. Life would be so much easier if she looked like the other girls.

Expiry Dates

It wasn’t easy being the oldest. She often wondered about her expiry date. Watching two much younger siblings transitioning to ashes had torn her heart. “Enjoy your life,” said her friends. She tried to follow their simple advice, living with her memories. From the little utensils that they’d play with, to the painful last days. Was it guilt for being alive? She longed to be with them again.

Dreaming Away

It wasn’t like every day. She wasn’t use to being surrounded by a room full of people. In fact, she abhorred the thought of it. But she saw herself dressed up and confident, walking her way up to the podium. Her anxiety had disappeared. She heard herself speaking into a mic. Then she heard applause. And then the dream ended, so she ran back to her solitude.

The Pink Shawl

Flowing pink waves. The soft fabric caught her eyes. It was a routine window shopping session but her hands were tempted. “Would you like to see it?” The store assistant played with her weak mind. So she touched it. She stroked the pinkness until she felt like it was a part of her. Later that night, when sleep was on its way, her eyes opened wide; her late aunt had had a similar shawl.