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Vrinda’s Gift – Part II

The next day, Vrinda wanted to take her precious gift to school. Her mother said no. “You can come home and use it again,” she told her. But Vrinda wanted to show her friends the camera. “I want to take pictures of Meghna and Nandini,” she explained. Her father suggested that she invite her friends… Continue reading Vrinda’s Gift – Part II

Children, Fiction

Vrinda’s Gift – Part I

“Happy birthday, Vrinda,” her family shouted out together. Even sweet old grandma stood up on her unsteady legs to clap while Vrinda blew out the candles on her strawberry cake. The room was full of people and there was a stack of gifts on the coffee table. Vrinda’s parents had already given her their gift… Continue reading Vrinda’s Gift – Part I

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A Short & Sweet Story for Valentine’s Day

Rita dreaded Valentine’s Day. It was the worst day of the year. Every year, she would wake up on February 14th and say, "Mommy, I'm too sick to go to school today." Her mother always knew why she wanted to stay home. "Come to breakfast. Daddy and I have something for you." This year, Rita… Continue reading A Short & Sweet Story for Valentine’s Day