Being a Cat Mom

She wanted to cuddle. But he said no. She pleaded for his attention but he yawned on her face. When she reached out to hold his paw, he put another one softly on her nose. The poor cat mom sulked and waited while her youngest napped. She admired his various poses too. An hour later,… Continue reading Being a Cat Mom


The Odd One Out

She never fit in. Shame and frustration filled her days. Being different seemed like a curse until she got older. Years of tears and wisdom taught her to respect and love her strangeness. It was better to be sensitive and an introvert than to pretend to be someone she wasn’t. In fact, she never could… Continue reading The Odd One Out


Second Chance Romance – a Flash Fiction post

Back then, they could read each other’s souls. Today, they stood there as perfect strangers. Older and wiser but craving that familiarity — they knew it would be easy to hit the Restart button. Still, she wondered if he was the same man she’d loved and lost. Time never left anyone untouched. And he knew… Continue reading Second Chance Romance – a Flash Fiction post