Second Chance Romance – a Flash Fiction post

Back then, they could read each other’s souls. Today, they stood there as perfect strangers. Older and wiser but craving that familiarity — they knew it would be easy to hit the Restart button. Still, she wondered if he was the same man she’d loved and lost. Time never left anyone untouched. And he knew… Continue reading Second Chance Romance – a Flash Fiction post

Fiction, Human behaviour

Seeking Mental Health Help

She needed help. But she couldn't ask even her closest ones. People didn't find it strange if someone asked them for a cigarette. Or for a pen. But she needed something more unusual. How could she just reach out and say, "I am drowning in hopelessness and feel like I can't take it anymore." They'd… Continue reading Seeking Mental Health Help

Fiction, Psychology

What do you want? – A flash fiction piece

It was hard being asked what she wanted. Should she admit that she yearned for a soul mate who would love her inspite of the dark cloud she lived in? Or would she choose to be cautious and say that she wanted the same things as everyone else? The trouble was, nobody understood how it… Continue reading What do you want? – A flash fiction piece