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Introverts in Love

It was a different kind of love. Not like the one most girls grew up dreaming about. There was commitment. There was loyalty. But above all, there was the mutual understanding that each partner cherished his or her solitude. She was known to disappear into other worlds with her books and manuscripts while he took… Continue reading Introverts in Love

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Monday Motivation for Writers

It’s a new week. Every day is a new day. A fresh start if that’s what you want. It’s easy to forget the basic stuff when we look only at our ultimate goal. Here’s a gentle reminder from me to you. You are not your word count. Take breaks when you need them.You are not… Continue reading Monday Motivation for Writers

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Publication Day: Past Marriageable Age

Past Marriageable Age: A feel-good romance novella Genre: Women’s Fiction Length: 75 pages (novella) Format: Kindle edition Blurb Koel is almost 40 years old and too old to be married — according to Indian society. She's a successful lawyer and a bookworm and quite happy living like a nun until she meets Ranbir Ray. Significantly… Continue reading Publication Day: Past Marriageable Age