Winter Fun

Her lips were bright from the cold. Her eyes sparkled with innocent joy. "Let's make another snowman," she announced. The father laughed and said, "But we just made three of them!" The little girl looked determined. "Daddy, I want to make just one more." He made a big ball of snow for her. She made…Read more Winter Fun


Life Must Go On

The rain drowned out her tears, adding shine to her cheeks. Her drenched clothes screamed for warmth. Others passed by with their brightly colored umbrellas. Some alone and some in pairs. Some smiling and some giggling. The sight of them and the noises they created, left darts in her heart. "Even the sky is crying…Read more Life Must Go On

My Silent Tears

I see your face in my heart. I hear your bark near my ear. I feel your nose on my hand. I smell your familiar smell. I remember every second. I will not forget you. I will not stop loving. You and all of you.  


Chocolate Therapy

The darkness of the chocolate melted in her mouth. "This really does boost one's mood," she thought to herself. Thoughts of progress and happiness filled her mind. She felt her lips curving into a smile. Three squares later, her teeth needed toothpaste and a rinse. "Just one more," she decided. As she seemed to float…Read more Chocolate Therapy