A Christmas Cat

She blinked twice. It didn’t seem real. “Come pet her,” her father said. The child moved ahead slowly. The look of wonder was intact. She touched the furry head. She tapped a tiny pink paw. They sat side by side on the floor. Father put the kitten on her lap. She curled up immediately and let out a blissful meow.

A New Friend

“May I pat your head?” He nodded so she sat down next to him on the sofa. During the long pat, he yawned twice. She looked at him like he was an exotic toy. “May I hold your hand?” She asked and waited. He stuck out a paw. She admired its softness and pinkness. “Do you like me?” The little girl waited. The object of her affection purred. Then he stood up and stretched before settling in her lap. She had her answer.

Cat Slave

She never asked for anything; it was against her personality. When somebody compelled her to accept a gift, she promptly delivered a return gift of gratitude. It was only the little ball of fur and naughtiness whom she asked for anything at all. “Let me hug you, kitty,” she’d plead. But cats played hard to get.


Being Followed

It had been a long day and she wasn’t in the mood for creepy people. She could feel the person following her. It wasn’t any of her usual canine or feline friends because they preferred to leap overĀ  to her in seconds. So she quickened her pace until the sound of the annoying slippers made her turn around. What she saw softened her face; it was a little girl in torn clothes and two very dirty slippers that were obviously for bigger feet. They exchanged smiles and names over a meal of roasted corn.

Feeding Time

Two pairs of eyes lit up with love. They knew she’d come visit with food and cuddles until the moment they’d be taken away from the world. She laughed and talked to them as one waited patiently and the other stood up to greet her. The tails wagged with gratitude as they chewed their meal. The voiceless beings seemed unaware of the disapproving looks around them. But she saw it and felt it and wished for a nicer world.