Christmas Night

Loud laughter and music filled the sky. The smell of six course meals touched every neighbour’s nose. Children inside stared hungrily at the gifts waiting under the tree. The grown-ups sipped wine and said things that could only be said under the influence of alcohol. Even Santa Claus felt drunk and decided to visit the others – those without a chimney, those without a roof. The children outside cherished a warm fire made by the adults. A merry night it was.

A Little Magician

Strolling through the park with her magic wand in hand, the little girl looked behind every tree and bush. She made a barking sound to let them know that she was there. “They must be sleeping,” said her mother. The little girl looked disappointed but she continued to woof. She twirled the stick until she saw a cat. “Woof,” she said to the feline child. When she was met with a stare, she decided to use her wand. She placed the wand on the cat’s head and said, “Say hello to me!” Magic happened. The cat said, “Meow.”

A Pigeon Family

The sun had just begun to retire. They took the cue and flew to their designated spots. Golu settled onto the window ledge next to her siblings and mother. They stood close together without letting their feathers touch. A younger one wanted to play. “Not now,” scolded the Mother, nudging the child with her head and giving a peck with her beak. But Golu was in the mood for some play. She started going round and round while she cooed. Her sister giggled watching Golu advance towards her in her rotating state. Mother had had enough. She flew over the kids’ heads and pushed Golu off the ledge. Golu wasn’t angry – she had landed on the window ledge where some odd looking creatures put out wheat every day.