Looking into the Mirror

She remembered looking into the mirror and wishing she didn't exist. She could still feel every moment of hurt that they'd gifted her. Her mother thought that she'd make things alright by telling her that she was beautiful. But it never worked. Then she stopped eating all of her favourite things and the only sorrow…Read more Looking into the Mirror


Loved Ones

She walked into the room with hesitation. She knew he wouldn't look the same. His nose had a tube stuck under it and there were scary things stuck in his arm. Her mind did a rewind to the happier days when childhood had hidden the truths of old age and death. Her heart cried for…Read more Loved Ones

Borrowed Books

Her bookshelves decorated the walls. Spines of various colours stood out in the sunshine that came through the windows. She had spent hours here, running her fingers over the titles. If she caught a speck of dust on her beloved possessions, she would clean it away immediately. Only one section bothered her; it was the…Read more Borrowed Books