Ending it right

“I can’t share you with so many people,” she complained. “But they’re my friends,” she replied. They continued walking in silence. She tried again. “But I’m like your sister!” They had reached the end of the long road. “Let’s take one last selfie?” When the camera clicked, none of them were smiling. Still, she posted it on Facebook.

Her Annual Visit

She stumbled on her slightly high heels. Her feet were going too fast. The wheels on her suitcase were too slow. “I haven’t seen them in a year,” she thought excitedly. The immigration line was too long. She waited impatiently, continuously tapping her passport against a hand. By the time she went through, she didn’t want to wait for her checked in baggage. But she had to wait. It had gifts inside. A bit later, when she ran out to the waiting area, she saw them all. “They all look older,” she thought. But just like every other year, her aunt handed her a Cadbury chocolate.

Meowing Away

He meowed at the door. It was just 6am but she was wide awake. “I’m coming. I’m coming,” she yelled to him. Once the door was opened, he cried past her and seated himself on the dining table. “Good morning, child,” she yawned to him. But the child kept on crying, or rather, meowing. He was hungry after all night outside with his girlfriends and male enemies. “Stop crying,” she pleaded. He did stop. As soon as the bowl of fish was placed in front of him.