Opening Her Heart

It was tightly shut. The dust of a million emotions had gathered inside, but she let it settle in there. As she walked through each experience after that, she collected no more unwanted residue. Every moment passed by like a new movie of her life, with new actors and actresses. But now she was the…Read more Opening Her Heart


Saturdays at the Library

The bookstore was her toyshop. She spent Saturdays sitting on the floor, hungrily running her hands over the spine. Mother would be busy choosing grown-up books nearby. The child wondered when she could read those too. Time flew by faster than her favourite chocolate did in her hands. Carrying a bag full of stories, she…Read more Saturdays at the Library

Those Crushes

It wasn't like she hadn't felt this way before. Of course she had. She loved and feared that racing heart and dreamy mind. Lunch break and after school moments were all about catching glimpses of him. She prided herself for knowing that she never had a chance with any of them. Who'd ever like her…Read more Those Crushes


Finding Beauty

"If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, then I guess everybody thinks I'm ugly," the young girl told her mother with no emotion in her voice. She was sick of feeling like she didn't belong to the world. And she knew the reason. It was why she hated buying clothes and would kill…Read more Finding Beauty


Odd One Out

Sitting in silence, Feeling the world. Sinking in thoughts, Drowning in dreams. Embracing the solitude, Being willingly misunderstood. Sitting in silence, Living the odd dream.