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The Latest from Ernie Fish

Hello again. Here's some news! Rustom and Giri are getting along. Finally. Garby is keeping his distance from the 'weird kid' as he puts it. Adult cats do sometimes think that kittens are odd creatures. I hope they get along soon because people have been talking - and I detest gossip about myself and my… Continue reading The Latest from Ernie Fish

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Ernie Fish Returns

Hello. It's me again - Ernie Fish. Yes, the famous cat expert. Giri and Garby are my famous cats. You must have heard about them as well because my cats are super famous just like me! Things were going well and the three of us were conducting workshops for humans all over India. You know,… Continue reading Ernie Fish Returns

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My Love & Need for Notebooks

I've always had a thing for stationery. During my school days, I'd collect stickers, coloured erasers, pretty pencils and notebooks. Then when I got older, office supplies such as Post It notes and index cards of various colours were added to my list. Pens have never been on my list much because I have a… Continue reading My Love & Need for Notebooks

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Why I Wrote a Romance

After two nonfiction books, a Young Adult novella, and lots of short stories for children, I am letting my first ever romance book out into the world. And I'm excited. Plus, a little scared. My beta readers are romance authors who liked the story and I've generally never heard terrible things about my books or… Continue reading Why I Wrote a Romance