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Ernie Fish Returns


Hello. It’s me again – Ernie Fish. Yes, the famous cat expert. Giri and Garby are my famous cats. You must have heard about them as well because my cats are super famous just like me!

Things were going well and the three of us were conducting workshops for humans all over India. You know, to teach them things like how cats do not fetch and how cats don’t bark… I even managed to escape with Garby and Giri when a human child wanted to take my cute cat. I refuse to mention which of my boys she wanted because it hurts. It hurts to hear somebody call one of my boys cute multiple times when both are ADORABLE.

But now I have a new problem. I am a cat expert, you see, and recently, I decided that I should adopt another cat – a young one to help me do more research on the behaviour of modern, young cats. So I went outside and asked the neighbourhood cats one by one who would be willing to come live with me, Garby and Giri. “No,” they all said. Until I saw a tiny one with a bad cold peeping out from behind a car wheel. I said, “Hello there. Come home with me and let me fix your cold and introduce you to your two uncles.”

I picked him up in my arms. I sang him a little purring song on the way home. He smiled at me. I smiled back but not for too long, as my boys back home could find out and be jealous.

Rustom came inside with me. The older boys were not happy when I told them to meet their new little nephew. Garby said, “He is too long. We both look better.” Then he yawned and fell asleep with his paws in the air.

Giri came over and sniffed scared Rustom. “I like this kid,” he announced. But then he put a paw on the little one’s head and said, “Not very intelligent, this one.” Giri walked off with his nose in the air. Poor Rustom started crying.

So now I plan to go on adventures with all three. If they can become friends. Meow. Meow.


The End


The original Adventures of Ernie Fish Kindle book is available here:



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