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The Latest from Ernie Fish

Hello again. Here’s some news! Rustom and Giri are getting along. Finally. Garby is keeping his distance from the ‘weird kid’ as he puts it. Adult cats do sometimes think that kittens are odd creatures. I hope they get along soon because people have been talking – and I detest gossip about myself and my cats. A neighbour saw me passing by and said too loudly, “The cat expert’s cats don’t like his new baby cat!”

Of course, I did an about turn and told the lady, “Look here. My cats love each other. And, for your kind information, Rustom is not a baby cat. They are called KITTENS!”

My neighbour, Miss Basa, laughed. I replied with a scary meow, before leaving the area. Once I reached home, I told Garby and Giri about the conversation and the rumor being spread. Wise Giri told me to ignore the people who never understand cats anyway. Garby was more upset. He said, “This is terrible! I guess I will just have to pretend to love this dumb kid.”

I rarely scold my cats, but my new family member was anything but dumb. I told Garby to go to his room and stay there until he could be nice. He turned up his tail and asked, “Which room? Aren’t they all mine?”

He was right. Giri and Garby owned every room and object in the house. Actually, they owned me too. Maybe that was the problem; they wanted to own the kitten too. So I looked down at Rustom who was in my lap. I asked, “Do you want to be Garby and Giri’s pet?”

A gentle but firm white and pink paw landed on my nose. I guess that was a no?



The original short stories of Ernie Fish (the cat expert) and his cats:

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