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My Love & Need for Notebooks

I’ve always had a thing for stationery. During my school days, I’d collect stickers, coloured erasers, pretty pencils and notebooks. Then when I got older, office supplies such as Post It notes and index cards of various colours were added to my list.

Pens have never been on my list much because I have a habit of losing them – in the corners of my house and in coffee shops etc. These days, my young and playful cat plays with them, breaks them apart and hides them too. So I don’t like to spend much money on  pens. I get the cheapest possible pack whenever my cat makes me realise I’m down to zero pens.

But notebooks…. *sigh* I can go on and on about how important they are to me. I have different notebooks for my different moods and purposes.

1) There’s a very formal looking one with a glossy black cover and blue pages. It’s small but not too small. It is just right to carry to work meetings and to jot down important information that may be forgotten later.

2) There’s always one very bright one that is bigger than my formal notebook but not like a college style ruled one. Like the one in the picture. I get motivated to scribble and plot new stories with such good looking stationery around me.

3) A tiny notebook resides on my landline phone table. I’ve kept one there for years because my parents would write down numbers and stuff during phone calls, losing the little pieces of paper soon after.

4) Finally, there’s the gamcha notebook that I purchased from Sienna (located in South Kolkata). The cover is made of beautiful Gamcha cloth material and the pages are grainy and natural. This one was gifted to my mother. I have requested her to write regularly because I want her to stay mentally sharp as she ages. She writes short, humorous essays for me – sometimes about me, my father or the cats!

So notebooks are important to me. Quite important.





The notebook in the image is from Chumbak. I order notebooks from their website.


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