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Hello & Happy New Year

It's 2021. The pandemic continues. Books and cats continue to keep most of us happy and entertained. There are those who are going out maskless and hanging out in close groups as if the new year has cancelled the pandemic. Well, I'm doing my best to stay safe and healthy. Speaking of books, did I… Continue reading Hello & Happy New Year

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Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety and depression can make you believe that you don’t deserve love or appreciation. It can make you doubt yourself every minute that you’re awake. There’s fear of rejection and a lack of self worth that stop you from doing so many things. I’ve always been open about my mental health and about mental health… Continue reading Overcoming Anxiety

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Building Your Author Brand

You're writing a book. Or you've just finished writing one. You want readers for your books. There are so many books to choose from on every online platform and physical bookstore, so WHY should anyone want to read your book? Well, perhaps they have developed an interest in you as they follow you on Twitter/Instagram.… Continue reading Building Your Author Brand