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New release: One Evening in December – The Festive Finale of Gita and Neel’s Journey 

It's Christmas Eve and Gita has a special evening planned for her parents and sister. Neel will be there too. The evening starts with a note of warmth and hope and ends with a special surprise. And of course, there's the dose of drama that Gita had expected. This short story is the third and… Continue reading New release: One Evening in December – The Festive Finale of Gita and Neel’s Journey 

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My New Kindle Release

Momma's boy, Debojit, is on the search for the perfect bride. Join him and his parents as they visit potential life partners. Expect some surprises for poor Debojit and his mother. Check out my short story on Amazon Kindle. Always free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Amazon India: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07D3WHSXD Amazon USA: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D3WHSXD Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07D3WHSXD

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Crazy Veena

It happened again. Somebody in class put the apostrophe in the wrong place and Veena was angry. Her classmates thought that she was a nice girl, but they didn’t understand why punctuation mattered so much to her. “You are not our English teacher,” they complained sometimes. But Mr. Ghosh, the English teacher, supported Veena. “Yes… Continue reading Crazy Veena

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Pink Dresses – Part I

She’s coming back, finally!” Sree exclaimed. Shreya frowned. “No, she isn’t. It’s just for two weeks,” she corrected her friend. Sree stopped grinning but refused to be sad. “We haven’t seen her in one year,” she thought out loud. The same question was stuck in both their minds: would Rhea be the same as before?… Continue reading Pink Dresses – Part I