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New book this month

This month, I will be publishing an updated version of my first book (What Would I Tell Her @ 13). This is a nonfiction book for parents and anyone else attempting to understand teen girls. While the book will be available in ebook format from November 15th, some Amazon country sites will let you pre-order… Continue reading New book this month

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R is for Research

As most of you know by now, my first two books were of the nonfiction genre. After a few years of working in print journalism and writing numerous research papers during my college years at Rochester before that, research was something that didn't scare me. I mean, writing a book of any kind is a… Continue reading R is for Research

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N is for Nonfiction 

Some of you know that my first two books published were nonfiction works. It started with What Would I Tell Her @ 13, a parenting book that focused on teen daughters. The second book, News Now, was a career guide for those interested in joining the TV news industry. Since then, I've added several titles… Continue reading N is for Nonfiction¬†