You are enough – A #Poem

You are enough, Even if they called you fat. You are enough, Even if they shook their heads. You are enough, Even when they mention age. You are enough, Even when you have a bad day. You are enough, Even if they called you odd. You are more than enough, Because you know your heart.

Depression, Fiction

Too Depressed to Move

When she went to bed, she hoped she wouldn’t have to wake up again. Living in the darkness, with no hope about anything — she was sick of it. But morning came and she wondered if getting out of bed was necessary. The world was ugly. Plus, standing up and putting on clothes would take… Continue reading Too Depressed to Move

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Mental Health for Writers

A lot of creative types including myself and famous authors in history have suffered from mental health issues. I don't believe in romanticising the idea of artists being mentally ill because I know authors and poets and others in our category who have no history of such sickness.  Another reason that this isn't an idea… Continue reading Mental Health for Writers