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Love like a Volcano

Their love was like a volcano threatening to erupt. It was a combination of intense passion and infatuation that kept their days and nights exciting. Friends worried that it was too hot and dangerous to last. They knew it would end with a scary bang. So no one was surprised when it ended with murder.

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A Writer in the Coffee Shop

Blueberry muffin and coffee for company. Silence around the small coffee shop. It was every writer’s bliss. Even the guy at the next table seemed engrossed in a book. A quiet bookworm — she approved. It was a productive afternoon until she noticed that he was reading one of her books!

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What do you want? – A flash fiction piece

It was hard being asked what she wanted. Should she admit that she yearned for a soul mate who would love her inspite of the dark cloud she lived in? Or would she choose to be cautious and say that she wanted the same things as everyone else? The trouble was, nobody understood how it… Continue reading What do you want? – A flash fiction piece