A Quitter or Not?

She felt lost. Her goals seemed silly now. They would call her a quitter. But what if she wanted to start afresh? Following a new path wasn't quitting -- it was an act of bravery. They said she was weak. They laughed and labelled her a loser. One day she asked, "Are you walking in… Continue reading A Quitter or Not?


A Panic Attack

She felt it coming. The fear hit her body and mind at the same time. It wasn’t the first time that she’d felt that way. As she sat there wishing the palpitations would stop, she decided that she didn’t wish anxiety even for her worst enemy. Beads of sweat coated her face as she struggled… Continue reading A Panic Attack

Fiction, Human behaviour, Psychology

No Reason for Depression

They told her that she had no reason to be depressed. “You have so much money and no terrible job to go to every day,” they explained. But she couldn’t help it. Even one Gucci bag a month couldn’t cure her despair. Some days, she’d wake up with a low feeling that threatened to keep… Continue reading No Reason for Depression

Children, Fiction, Human behaviour, Psychology

More Than Enough

Subjected to nasty remarks from the moment she could process language, the little girl grew up quite unsure of herself. Everywhere she went, she knew that she wasn't good enough. Every day that she lived, she thought that she was the worst of the human species in every way. When adulthood came, she realised that… Continue reading More Than Enough